Revitalize historic Columbus neighborhoods.

Educate the public about local and regional history.

Advocate the benefits that are derived from historic preservation.

Preserve the historical, architectural and cultural character of Columbus and its environs. 

OUR IMPACT FY2019 - 2020

The investment of Historic Columbus’ Membership has enabled the organization to effectively make an impact on our community through preservation projects, education programming, and community advocacy efforts.  Approximately $391,900 was put to work last year through grants, façade loans, education programming, and museum projects.  Below is a listing of the total work Historic Columbus was able to accomplish in FY 2019-2020 thanks to the support of our membership, corporate partners, and private local foundations. 


$132,400   Provided in Façade and Rehab Loans to repair seven family’s historic homes

$99,500     Purchase of the Walter Hurt Cargill House – 1415 3rd Avenue 

$75,000     Loaned for the rehabilitation of 1523, 1531, 1535 3rd Avenue - repaid and returned to                         the Biggers Revolving Fund to go back to work

$75,000     Value of donation of 2937 Bradley Circle - the proceeds from the sale of the house will                         go into the Biggers Revolving Fund to assist with funding new projects

$61,500     Invested to maintain HCF’s three house museums

$13,000     Awarded in grants to The Wynn House (kitchen repair) and Midtown, Inc. (to purchase                         the option for the Hilton property)

$8,000       Invested to develop a master plan for High Uptown

$2,500       Awarded to a graduating senior in memory of Patricia Jackson Howard

900            Children visited the Walker-Peters-Langdon House, participated in a driving tour, or in-                         school activity before March 2020 

120            Individuals and families have become new HCF members in 2019 – 2020


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  • A more prosperous and beautiful city consciously taking pride in its heritage.

  • A greater public awareness of the importance of historic preservation.

  • Emphasis on heritage education programs for the citizens of Columbus and the surrounding area.

  • Enhanced visitors' perception of Columbus' past through heritage tourism.

  • Expanded economic progress through restoration and community revitalization.

  • Motivation of individuals to join in the effort to buy, rehabilitate and utilize worthy properties which are a part of Columbus' original character.

  • Increased membership to include every concerned and interested citizen of Columbus and the valley area.


Columbus has rapidly grown over the past several years. It is a small, yet very unique city where many events and people have contributed into changing the entire world. Want to go on a tour with us? Send us an email and we will take on a Historic Columbus adventure!