The hard work and dedication of our volunteers and partners are visible throughout Columbus. The projects we have completed are located in various areas in our downtown. 


Work on the City Village Master Plan Project is well under way just having completed a series of seven group interviews with more than 70 stakeholders in the community. Historic Columbus is serving as the administrative arm of the project under the leadership of Co-chairs Marquette McKnight and Phil Tomlinson.

Miami-based master plan consultant Zyscovich Architects was in town over the two day period to speak with stakeholders about the challenges and assests within the neighborhood. General conclusions from the interviews seemed to hinge on the fact that City Village is a neighborhood of extremes, high poverty, but also high potential. The challenge will be addressing both of those extremes while maintaining neighborhood integrity, a task not new to an organization like Historic Columbus. The master plan consultant will be continuing their design work and analysis through this summer, delivering a final document to the City some time in July or August.

Historic Columbus has been proactive in the process of revitalizing by purchasing a property located at 2910 Bradley Circle. Current plans for the home are to stabilize the structure until the master plan is complete. The home will hopefully serve as a model for renovation and redevelopment of the area. HCF is excited to be playing a hands on role in the process of continuing to help create great places in our community.


On January 22, 2015, Historic Columbus moved its 31st house in our nearly 50 year history. The “Huff House” was relocated within the Columbus Historic District from its original location on 5th Street to a vacant lot (529 Broadway) Historic Columbus has owned for a number of years.

The move was prompted by the Huff Family’s desire to find a solution for their home. The structure had been severely vandalized over the past few years with no amount of mothballing to keep the vagrants out.  The family made the decision to donate the home to Historic Columbus for purposes of moving the structure and finding a new owner who was interested in rehabilitating the house.

Sia Etemadi, a long-time resident of the Historic District has purchased the home and will begin renovating the house in February.  Sia is no stranger to major restoration projects. He has saved a number of houses in the District, including the Seventh Street School.

Historic Columbus is excited to have played a role in saving another structure in the District. We are confident in the future of this property and the continued revitalization efforts in the original city.