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Median of 700 block of Broadway

A shaft of white marble erected in 1879 by the Ladies Memorial Association is dedicated to the Columbus soldiers who fought in the War Between the States. It differs from most monuments of the period in that it is topped with a simple Grecian urn rather that the usual statuary. Originally it had a fence with a turnstile around it to keep the cattle out. The park area surrounding it, known as Salisbury Park, was named for Major William Salisbury whose home formerly faced the park.

The monument holds special significance because the last major land battle of the War Between the States took place in Columbus. Union soldiers led by General James Wilson managed crossing the Chattahoochee River by bridge into Columbus. General Wilson was only 28 years old and was often referred to as “the boy wonder.” After arriving in Columbus, Union troops were ordered to burn any industry that could contribute to the war effort. In actuality, Lee had surrendered to Grant two weeks prior, but the news had not yet reached this far south.

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