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Celebrate Columbus was created in partnership with RiverCenter to honor our town’s cultural arts history, theaters, and local arts icons.  It started as an eight-week series of History Spotlights on Historic Columbus’ Blog, and we encourage you to visit for even more great arts information about Columbus.


Before there was even a town, theater troupes were coming through the area.  Columbus would have six theaters by 1870 – with three being active at one time.  Each of Columbus’ theaters, from the earliest log structure to Temperance Hall, had been an acoustical, technical, and scenic improvement over its predecessor.  Then, there was the Springer, the Liberty, the Royal, and so many more.


The arts have been woven into the fabric of Columbus.  It is our intent for this exhibit to move you through the timeline of our history and provide a glimpse into the development of the arts within our community.  Columbus has also been very fortunate to have been the birthplace of such iconic talents as Blind Tom, Ma Rainey, Darby and Tarlton, Nunnally Johnson, Carson McCullers, and Alma Thomas.


Celebrate with us these stories, these legacies, and the history of our town, Columbus.

Please enjoy reading about these places and exploring the interactive map below. We invite you to view this exhibit, in its entirety, in person at the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts at 900 Broadway in Uptown Columbus.

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