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Help Save Hilton Goal Statement:  The goal of Help Save Hilton is to promote the vision of the Midtown and Columbus communities in opposing the proposed high-density residential development at the corner of Hilton Avenue and Wynnton Road in the heart of Midtown.

Historic Columbus Position Statement:  Historic Columbus cannot support what we understand as the proposed development because of our concern for its high density, traffic, and quality of construction.  We believe putting 84 units on less than six acres will not respect the surrounding historic neighborhoods and therefore, will overwhelm them as a result of the mass and scale.

Donations can be made in support of Help Save Hilton to Historic Columbus. 

Please click on the button below.  In the “Donation Designation” section, please state that your donation is for Help Save Hilton.

To learn more about how to Help Save Hilton, contact Elizabeth Walden or Justin Krieg at (706)-322-0756.

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