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Heritage Park is a joint project of Historic Columbus Foundation, Inc., Uptown Columbus, Inc., and the City of Columbus. The mission of Heritage Park is to provide the citizens and guests of Columbus, Georgia, a meaningful insight into the industrial history of Columbus from 1850 to 1910, through interpretive sculptures and descriptive venues.

Come and experience Heritage Park: with beautiful granite pools recreating the falls of the Chattahoochee River, exciting water elements, and handsome outdoor sculptures with historic interpretations visitors will surely enjoy.

Through Heritage Park, visitors can travel from the past to the future going from Historic Columbus’ Walker-Peters-Langdon House to the Coca-Cola Space Science Center. From 1850 until 1910, Columbus, Georgia, changed from a trading town to a booming manufacturing city. Heritage Park is designed to recognize the entrepreneurs and workers who harnessed the river and created these industries that laid the foundations for this modern city.

The outdoor sculptures and historic elements of the park represent the textile, gristmill, brick and foundry industries involved in the growth and development of the area, as well as agriculture and forest products, dams and bridges, river trade and travel, and Coca-Cola. Guided Tours of Heritage Park may be arranged through Historic Columbus.


The park is conveniently located in Columbus’ Historic District at Seventh Street between Front Avenue and Broadway, just across the street from Historic Columbus’ Walker-Peters-Langdon House.

We have two videos to give the history below and tour the park virtually here.


Please call (706) 322-0756 to schedule a tour.

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