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These buildings stood before many of us were born. Their stories may be reinterpreted over time, different values may be emphasized, but continuing the conversation about them and their significance to our town is important. These places, even though gone, give voice in a very tangible way to our past and a voice for our future.

There are important stories within these images that are not lost because the structures themselves are no longer standing. Without them, we are not as beautiful, as real, and as strong of a community as we can be.  


Columbus, like many cities in the United States, lost numerous older structures in the 1940s and 1950s for many reasons, including economic hardships, suburban flight, commercial encroachment, road construction, and Mother Nature. This exhibit is only a sample of what would create the impetus for the preservation 

movement in Columbus over fifty years ago.  


Despite what we might obscure or overlook at times, historic places tell us the truth about ourselves. And how we elevate, protect, interpret, and activate those stories and places can offer ways to explore the truths of who we are, collectively and individually, and ways to demonstrate our respect for each other’s strengths, 

achievements, and legacies.  


Celebrate these stories with us and the history of our town, Columbus.

Please enjoy reading about these places and exploring the interactive map below. We invite you to view this exhibit, in its entirety, in person at the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts at 900 Broadway in Uptown Columbus. 

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