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The Creek Indians would have used pottery to cook and eat in. They would have had a great source for clay in the Chattahoochee River. Clay would have been fired over a fire.



Clay, Play Doh, Moon Dough, or anything similar. We are using air-dry clay which takes about 24-48 hours to dry.

Pencil or something with a point to decorate



1. Roll Clay into a Ball

2. Put thumb in the middle and pinch the sides. Do not make the sides too thin or it will break as it dries.

3. Smooth everything out with fingers or add a small amount of water is clay is too dry. 

4. Draw in to the clay softly. Don't press too hard because you will put a hole in the pot. 

5. After the pot is dry you can paint if you would like.


1. Print off a Coloring Book Page about the Creek Indians- Click Here

2. Read about the History of the Creek Indians in Columbus on the first 4 pages of Out Town - Click Here

3. Markers you can read or go find in Columbus, Phenix City, Fort Mitchell, and Fort Benning.

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