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Historic Columbus celebrates the 2021 Preservation Awards

Hello everyone! Before we get started - congratulations to the National Infantry Museum's World War II Company Street for winning the third round of the Public Participation Grant!! The WW II Company Street is a macro exhibit at the museum that consists of authentic Series 700 buildings built in the early 1940s as the country mobilized for war. The 100,000 grant will fund repairing all of the roofs on the buildings. A total of 3,859 votes were cast with 61.9% of those votes going to the World War II Company Street. One of the main goals of the grant program itself is to get the public talking about preservation projects happening in our community – and our finalists did a great job at getting the word out. Each of the finalists have such worthy projects and they provided the public with a great illustration of the variety of historic resources that our community has to offer and why they are worthy of preservation.