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Historic Columbus has put together a list of FREE activities

for your family to do this summer! 

BOX CITY BEST BUILDING CONTEST While we will miss seeing our Box City Campers, we think this year is going to be even better!  Now the WHOLE family can join in and participate in our Box City experience.  Check out the new virtual Box City Best Building Contest!  Winners from each age group will win a Key to the City and an Icey Girl Giftcard! Fun for ALL ages! Tip:  Even if you do not enter the contest, everyone can play the Architecture Game.


SCAVENGER HUNTS Families can discover more about the history of Columbus on an exciting Scavenger Hunt or walking around your neighborhood!  Explore the city and complete the Scavenger Hunts at your own pace.  Solve the clues together or if you get stuck, you can view the answers page. Good to do as a family! Tip:  Make a day of it and eat lunch on the River Walk after you complete the Uptown Scavenger Hunt.


HANDS ON HISTORY ACTIVITIES Kids have the opportunity to bring the past to life by making crafts or doing work of children from long ago.  You can make Butter, Native American Pottery or a Church Doll. Good for toddlers and elementary age kids! Tip:  Toast some bread before you put the butter on it. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


OUR TOWN BOOKS AND VIDEOS Need a rainy day activity? Our Town has been a part of Historic Columbus’ collection for over 25 years.  The series, which includes the Coloring Book, An Introduction to the History of Columbus, GA, and Architectural Styles, is a fun way to learn about the history of your town.

Good for ALL ages! Tip:  Make some popcorn and watch both videos together!


TOURS Travel through time with a walking or virtual tour of Columbus’ significant houses and neighborhoods in historic Columbus.  Tours consist of over

150 years of Columbus history.  You will learn about the homes, neighborhoods, and the people who lived there.   We have tours of the Walker-Peters-Langdon House, Soft Drink Heritage Trail, Columbus’ Black Heritage Trail, Heritage Corner, and more. Good for ALL ages! Tip: Stand outside of the houses as you watch the videos and if you are in the Original Historic District play A Clue in a Window!

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social media!


If you are able, please consider joining or making a donation to Historic Columbus. Your contribution will increase heritage education programming in our public schools and preservation projects. These are the places where your gift can make a transformational difference in a child’s sense of place and strengthen their future.

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