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Preservation Spotlight #5- Waverly Terrace House

This is the fifth in a series of updates on preservation projects in our community that we started back in April.   We hope you will drive by these special places to create your own driving tour.  Each of the sites has a connection with Historic Columbus through being a current or previously HCF-owned property or a participant in the Public Participation Grant program.   Thanks to the incredible support and steadfast kindness of our members, corporate partners, volunteers, and the current owners of these sites, they have a bright future!



Historic Columbus has decided to sell the home at 2910 10th Avenue in the Waverly Terrace Historic District.  The home was built in 1914 and Historic Columbus purchased it from the second owner of the home a few years ago.  Unfortunately, the home had been severely damaged by fire and water just prior to our ownership.  Historic Columbus stabilized the home by removing the burned debris, gutted the interior, and reframed the burned roof, ceilings, and front porch.   Recently, the front porch received new reproduction fluted columns to match the originals along with new paint on the front of the house.  The home offers the ability to easily add livable square footage in the attic space along with updating all the major systems of the house with the interior walls open to the framing. 

The 2900 block where the property resides is challenged, but has great bones.  The homes are a mix of wood and stucco bungalows from the early 1900’s that help tell the story as that neighborhood serving as the first “suburb” of Columbus. The Waverly Terrace Historic District is located on 45 acres on what was considered the “outskirts” of Columbus in the early 1900’s.  It is bounded by Hamilton Road on the west and 30th Street on the north, the rear property lines of lots on the east side of Peabody Avenue on the east, and 27th Street on the south.  The district is predominantly residential, with one historic church and two schools, but no commercial structures.  The dominant style of architecture is Craftsman, but also includes Mission and Spanish Revival styles.  The Waverly Terrace Historic District was listed in the National Register and locally designated in 1983. If you know someone who would be interested in a great house, please let us know (706-322-0756 or  The asking price for the home is $45,000 – but, all offers will be considered. The proceeds from the sale of the house will go back into the Janice P. Biggers Revolving-Redevelopment Fund to further the ongoing preservation work being undertaken by Historic Columbus.

If you are able, please consider joining or making a donation to Historic Columbus. Your contribution will increase heritage education programming in our public schools and preservation projects along the Second Avenue corridor, the original city, City Village, Waverly Terrace, and MidTown Columbus.  These are the places where your gift can make a transformational difference in a child’s sense of place and strengthen our neighborhoods one house at a time.

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