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Preservation Spotlight: Stronger Places and Vibrant Spaces (Bradley Circle)

Nestled between City Mills and the Bibb Mill on First Avenue, City Village is a community that was constructed along the Chattahoochee River to provide housing for mill workers.  Most of the homes are modest in size, located close together, and are reminiscent of the early 20th century properties that make up Bibb City. 

The heart of this almost forgotten community is located within Bradley Circle.  Comprising a total of sixteen structures constructed in the 1920s, all varying in their own unique and interesting design, the homes within the circle sit high above the river on a bluff with reaching views of the river.   Historic Columbus is supporting revitalization efforts all along the Second Avenue Corridor through assistance with staffing for The Mill District organization and our programmatic offerings (low interest façade loans) to make maintaining these homes more affordable for property owners.  The revitalization of the Mill District will be a long term commitment, but it is a vital component to moving our community forward.  Below are two examples of the transformations happening in Bradley Circle thanks to incredible private investment!

Across the country and in Georgia, historic neighborhoods are once again becoming the places we want to call home. These vibrant communities support our families and feed our spirits. At the heart of each revitalization effort lies a unique cultural perspective, one that’s inextricably linked to the historic buildings where people live, play, and work.  Historic preservation safeguards our city’s stories, revitalize neighborhoods, and make our community a better place in which to live.  It has also become an important factor in the Columbus economy.  Our historic places attract visitors, improve our quality of life, and grow amenities that help our town remain competitive for the future.   This is why Historic Columbus is relevant to you and why your membership matters.  Your membership makes these transformations happen - one house at a time.  


As an architect, I have a special connection with our built environment although I readily acknowledge that historic preservation goes far beyond buildings.  Some years ago, I spoke on “Why Architecture Matters” based in part on a book by that title and in part on HCF’s Patricia Jackson Howard Scholarship theme of “This Place Matters.”  My research on the subject led me to appreciate even more the impact of HCF and preservationists in general as it related to saving our architectural heritage. The underlying truth is that architecture matters because it is all around us and what is all around us has to have an effect on us! I appreciate HCF because it acknowledges the impact of our history. It celebrates our differences, for strength lies in differences not similarities.  We share a common past, but that past speaks differently to each of us.  

We recognize that we all have different perspectives, tastes and life experiences that shape our responses to the built environment.  We respect these differences, understanding that individual responses are the result of our first hand encounters with buildings and our memories surrounding them.   We need preservation to maintain ties to the past and to help inform us how we move forward.  We need to understand that our architecture affects the quality of our lives, it instills emotional reactions, it evokes strong memories, it makes us think and it can make life better.  I care about our history and as John Steinbeck said, “How will we know it’s us, without our past?”  I care about Historic Columbus! 

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