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There are numerous (non-profit or government owned) historic structures in our community that are in need of renovation work (i.e. historic churches, community buildings, theatres, and schools).  


Zion Church, c. 1848, is one of America’s most significant wooden Gothic Revival buildings. It has extraordinary detailing including Tudor arched windows, elegant crockets, and a crenellated bell tower. The grant would fund the exterior restoration of the building with first emphasis being to stabilize the bell tower, buttresses, and the front facade. The property was released by the Episcopal Church to the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation earlier this year.  It was then deeded to a local friends group, Zion Church Restoration, Inc. dedicated to its restoration and revitalization.

Statement from Zion:  There are few, if any, examples of such fine historical craftsmanship in this region, much less the state of Georgia.  Zion has had the grace to stand and be a beacon of hope and faith for over 171 years, even to those who have never stepped foot inside. Visitors from around the country, both white and African American, travel to Zion to trace ancestors and experience history. Their Zion experiences are deeply meaningful. Its exterior renovation would mean a great deal to local residents and to the hundreds of people who have worshiped or visited there or simply admired its beauty.  Zion will be used as a place to offer events – dramatic, musical and teaching – for children, youth and adults. Few such spaces are available to this predominantly rural community and its surrounds. It will also be used for church services and community activities.

Zion by Lynn Hall.jpg

We were so thrilled to be able to provide $100,000 to help save this important preservation project.  Thank you to the grant voters and the donors of the Save Me A Place Capital Campaign for enabling Historic Columbus to make this incredible gift of preservation happen.

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