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 The Historic Columbus Rehabilitation Loan Program provides rehabilitation funds for historic commercial or residential structures.  Rehabilitation loan funds may be used to make repairs or improvements on the interior or exterior of qualifying properties.  Loans will be made up to a maximum of $100,000.00 with payment terms varying based on project and loan recipient underwriting.  Loan underwriting and servicing provided by NeighborWorks Columbus.


$100,000 Maximum Loan

Applications for HCF’s Rehabilitation Loan Program are currently accepted year-round. A Loan Review Committee appointed by the HCF Board President, shall review those applications meeting the initial guidelines/requirements. Limited funds are available and the Loan Review Committee will make the final decision on applications. For an application and/or for more information not listed here, please call Justin Krieg at (706) 322-0756.


A Rehabilitation Loan application may be submitted using the following criteria:

1. The residential or commercial property must be eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (meaning 50 years old or older) or located within a designated Historic District, National Historic Landmark District, Uptown Façade District, or be listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places.


2. A Historic Columbus representative conducts an on-site inspection of the property to determine eligibility.


3. Photos are taken for documentation.


4. If a loan is requested, Historic Columbus will communicate with NeighborWorks Columbus to begin the underwriting process.

Loan Application Process:

1. The owner makes and appointment with NeighborWorks to determine the Owner’s financial eligibility.

  • Notes to Owner

    • Owner is responsible for any costs exceeding the loan amount or any costs that are not permitted under the program.

    • Owner is responsible for paying all closing costs.

  • NeighborWorks prepares Loan documents for which the Owner must provide:

    • Cost estimate/quote for the entire project.

    • Information to verify Owner’s financial ability to pay.

  • NeighborWorks provides Owner with:

    • Worksheet showing Owner’s financial responsibility.

    • Letter of Understanding stating Owner’s share of costs. Owner must sign this document.

    • Closing documents. Owner must sign.

    • Promissory note. Owner must sign.

  • NeighborWorks presents the loan request to the Loan Committee to approve or deny the loan.

  • If loan is approved, a “Notice to Proceed” letter is issued to the owner.


2. Project beginning and ending

  • The Owner is encouraged to enter into a contract with a contractor licensed in the State of Georgia.

  • The Owner or Contractor obtains a building permit from the City of Columbus and any other necessary approvals. E. BHAR approval / Façade Board approval.

  • Historic Columbus and or NeighborWorks Columbus have the right to inspect the property at anytime while the project is under construction.

  • Where Construction Loan Draws are involved:

    • The Owner is responsible for making arrangements for delayed payments or progress payments to the Contractor/Material Supplier.

    • Construction Loan Draws are made subject to payment withholding to ensure project completion is accomplished.

    • All final or construction loan draws are for materials and or contractor’s costs only, draws must be supported by verifiable invoices. Owner’s time is not reimbursable.  No prepayments are permitted.

For a complete Rehabilitation Loan  Application and/or for more information, contact Justin Krieg at (706) 322-0756 or

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